Thank you Top Tail!

We are so excited to have partnered with this awesome company who will be donating…

Mandela day 2019

13 July 2019 31 Kildoon road Bryanston 10am- 2pm Join A New Hope Dog Rescue…

Update: solly has found his forever home after 2 years!

Solly is a 5 year old, extremely loving, mix breed dog. He loves nothing better…

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About Us


PETS originated in Cape town in 2007, it was founded by Anoux Massey. A Johannesburg branch started in 2010 run under the same principles as the Cape town PETS. Nicole Badenhorst heads the JHB team which consists of volunteers. The Johannesburg branch focuses on communities South of JHB such as Orange farm Township, Walkerville etc. We operate our of Fourways, Bryanston and Blairgowrie.

PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) strives to empower animals in townships and poor communities. We work with the community to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals by giving them daily meals, warm shelters, regular inoculations, sterilisations and vet care in emergencies. We also rehome those ones that are unwanted, unloved or lost. We try to instil in the communities, a responsibility and pride for their animals by not just empowering the animals, but also by educating and helping the people uplift themselves. We believe in working hand in hand with the animals and people of these impoverished areas to create unity, trust and stability for all.


  • Non-Profit: We rely solely on public and corporate donations to cover the costs of our astronomical vet bills, feeding schemes, sterilisations projects and upkeep of our foster pets
  • Pro-life: We only ever euthanase if it is in the animals best interests and there are no other options - we fight for each life.
  • Pro-active: We do not sit around and wait for animals in need to come to us. Instead we spend every free minute we have (much to the distress of our families) in the townships LOOKING for the animals that need help.
  • Sterilisation: Our main focus is sterilisation in townships. Since 2007, we have sterilised over 5000 animals in JHB and Cape Town.
  • Foster Care: We believe in foster care because it enables the animal to become part of a loving and caring family immediately which enables it to feel safe, loved and nurtured. In these environments the animals flourish far quicker than they would have in a kennel situation. Foster care allows us to understand the needs and likes of the pets in our care and we are able to match them up with families that would be most suitable for their needs.


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