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PETS concentrates on sterilising township animals in order to prevent unwanted litters and help reduce the increasing population of dogs and cats without homes. Almost 3 MILLION animals are euthanised every year in south africa due to over population. Sterilisation also prevents types of Cancers and diseases which is prevalent in the townships because of the amount of unsterilised animals.

Help make a difference in a dog/cats life and reduce the amount of unwanted litters as well as pain and suffering from it.

Sponsor a sterilisation, vaccination, deworming and deflea treatment of a township dog/cat for R650

Choose a dog/cat you would like to sponsor below, pay the R650 to the account below and SEND US PROOF OF PAYMENT with the name of the animal/s you are sponsoring. Please remember to use the reference “petsjhb” so the funds are allocated accordingly.

Account Name: PETS
Account Number: 277408695
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Helderberg
Branch Code: 033012
Please email proof of payment to jhb@pets.org.za

Jessa Joko

Ellen  Evelyn

CJ  Ying & Yang

Pip  Pretty

Jay  Mango

Boyi  Fleur

Blessings Johnson

Sindy Whtey

Thaibo  Nova

Kani    Nomfundo

Vincent Mustard

Tiger Rambo

Arletta    Skye


Adam  Darling

Cleo  Caleb

Miriam  Mpho

Winnie  Bruno

Sassy  Chuck

Buster  Nelly

Trump  Alies

Bully  Lassie

Ria Lucy

Randford  Kodie

Twinkie  Hitler

Tivoli Katlego

Rosa Boyzen

Soho  Vlooi

Terry  Tilly

Lucy  Snoopy

Jacko  Lennox

Dingo  Allan


Georgie Agi

Abe  Budgie

Kiddo  Hooch

Martha   Wagter

Dude  Billy

Molly  Hunter

Jacky  Jay

Rogue  Puky

Jabu  Jolie

Dennie  Double Man

Bhayi  Demie


Tank    Lux

Caty   Gigi

Lilly   Chestnut

Phil    Caroline

Stan    Dudsy

Anna Small

Mo    Polo

China  Mini

Martini     William

Esther   Ralph

Chess  Dot

Windy   Carrie

Cisco  Pitts

Trump   Twain

Spottie   Tiger #4

Shania   Snoopy#1

Scooby   Scrooge

Otis   Rocky

Miriam(Rex)   MouseMbheki   Mbali

Lady & Teddy   Maria

Busi  Cleo

Zulu    Juju

Tinkers   Tom

Mickey  Nanano

Letty  Louise

Jerry   Johnny

Buster   Buthi

Lady1   Tinsle

Patty   Sorbet

Kelsey   Petrus

Conrad   Topic

Lady  Missie

Anna   Skye

Dizzy   Gadaffi 1

Stompie     Michelle

Blom     Wombles

Pumpkin  Riette

Pappegaai Shannon

Stottie  Rex5 Snoopy  Rachelle

Meisie  Mandla

Loopy  Jill

Gadaffi  Browns


james  jesse

blackshit  sonya

dorky   cecil

bobby-4  dante

jamie  janie

latanya  polly

rafiki1  shelly

spokkie  teddy

topek   bravo

pete-gary-spencer Snowy 2

Erica  Tiger

Bully  Bafana

Garfield  Captain

Presley  Melissa

Snowy   Roxy

Tom  Sporty

Brown  Chloe

Girly  Frisky Deon Milly  Kitty Danger  Skelim  Rex  Lovy Bobby  Fluffy  Pretty  Ginger  Danger1  Whisky  Bobby  Rover  Lenny Danger  Chucky  Spoon  Popcorn  Simba Juddah   Bullit Cherry   Volley  Sexy  Sibi  Phumi  Saskia Sunny  Tabby  Slender  Snowy  Pom Pom  Sach Msibi  Doctor Philip  Abbie Jack  SID thank you  Rex    Mini  Thami

Aries  Hpisi

Bingo   Bobby

Rex  Cosmo

Thumi  Ozzy

Spike   Spider

Inny  Chatterbox

Rex 2  Ringo

Capture Sipho

Chris Hani  Potluck


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