How to adopt

  1. Fill in the adoption application form and send back to us at
  2. We will get back to you on if your application has been approved then we can then arrange a homecheck and for you to meet the dog/cat you have chosen. (A homecheck will be done within 7 days from receiving your application).
  3. If the homecheck is approved there is an adoption fee of R650 which includes a microchip, deworming, up to date vaccinations (thereafter is on your own account) and sterilisation if they are over 6 months. Kittens are also tested for FIV/FIP. Puppies will need to be sterilised when they reach 6 months and kittens when they reach 4 months – this can be done at your private vet or at one of our vets for an additional R650.

Sterilisation of the pet is not negotiable as we believe it is unfair to bring more dogs/cats  in to this world while there are so many being put to sleep because of over population. Furthermore there are health benefits in sterilising your dog/cat and it can help many avoid behavioural issues and diseases/cancers. Sterilisation saves lives!


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