Update: solly has found his forever home after 2 years!

Solly is a 5 year old, extremely loving, mix breed dog. He loves nothing better than tummy tickles and lying on your lap. He is toilet trained, well mannered and very loyal to his family. He is a really great companion to have. Unfortunately Solly suffers from anxiety which comes across as hyperactivity and barking when he is stressed. So he requires a certain environment in order to be a normal dog. He is very stressed in kennels/ daycare where he is at the moment and therefore can only stay there until the end of the year. Time is running out to find solly his perfect home!

Solly needs a specific home in order to cope and be happy.
He needs a quiet home with structure where he will get lots of attention and go for walks. Not too many people coming in and out of the house will be best.
He is an escape artist so he must have a very secure home with high walls.
He is good with cats and although he is ok with other dogs he will need to be in a home on his own or otherwise with ONE other dog who is very tolerant and who will not get annoyed when Solly exhibits stressed behavior.
He needs a home with no young kids as they can be busy and noisy and this will stress him. Although he is fine with children.

To find out more about Solly or if you can give him a home please email lauraw.pets@gmail.com or watsapp Laura on 0824467274



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