How you can help PETS

1. Become a foster parent

Fostering is not a lifetime commitment but it is a commitment to saving a life! Foster parents look after dogs/cats until we can find them a forever home. They are responsible for the wellbeing of the pet- feeding them, taking them to the vet, bringing them to adoption days etc. PETS covers the vet fees. To become a foster parent please contact

2. Collections of donations (for township pets)

  • Dog and Cat food
  • Bowls
  • Collars and leashes
  • Blankets and beds
  • Kennels
  • Tick and flea treatments or shampoo and dewormers

3. Funding/ Fund raising

Our vet bill can reach between R30- R40 000 per month. We also need to raise around R40 000 to run a spayathon in the township. We rely soley on donations from the public to assist with this.

4. Networking

PETS rescues are in foster care and it is hard to get them adopted as they don’t get seen as much by the public. We put together monthly pamphlets with all our pets for adoption. We rely on the public to help us by printing these catalogues out and putting them in shops / businesses / vets so that our rescues have a chance to be “Seen” and hopefully pull on someones heart.

5. A PETS Vehicle

Since we started in 2010, we have been using our own personal vehicles to transport the animals to and from the townships, vets, adoption days etc. We don’t have a bakkie/van and as you can imagine it is very difficult to try keep dogs seperate in a normal caddie as well as to disinfect the car seats/boot. We are also unable to transport kennels without outside help which becomes a huge issue as so many township dogs need shelter which we can provide them with but have no way of transporting. 
Our biggest wish is to have a PETS Bakkie/van that we can transport dogs/ kennels in. This will allow us to transport more animals at the same time as well as keeping the car sanitised properly as well as provide more dogs with shelter. 
Please email for more information on our appeal for a vehicle

6. Adopt a pet

The ultimate way you can help our organisation is by adopting one of our rescues and giving them a wonderful life. This is our biggest wish- for our rescues to find loving homes. As soon as a pet is adopted we are able to help another animal in need.




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