Wolf – a majestic beauty just looking for love!

Meet Wolf! Please take a moment to read his story and look at all of his pics. He has been overlooked for so long and is really suffering badly from kennel stress from being in a camp for over 6 months now. He is in desperate need of a foster or forever home. He just needs a loving home to relax and learn to trust and be loved.
This goregous boy was found fending for himself on the streets in Orange Farm alone and homeless. He is about 4 or 5 years and has had a hard life on the streets and maybe an even harder life before he managed to escape from wherever he lived. He has now been in a camp waiting for a foster or forever home for over 6 months now and is such such a sweety pie who is CRAVING human companionship. He is very stressed and pases up and down all day.
Because he has never known a loving hand – he is cautious when he first meets you – keeping his distance and not making eye contact. The key is to wait for him to come to you but after about 10 minutes he settles down and then will be all over you for loves and belly rubs! He is so greatful for anyone who spends a little time with him.
He gives paw and loves cuddles, treats and going for walks. He is fine with other dogs if introduced properly but doesn’t like all dogs. A calmer, submissive dog would be best suited to him. He is so loving with people but not very young kids. We haven’t tested him with cats.
He is a gorgeous boy and extremely loving and would be best suited to either a home with a calm, sociable and submissive dog or can be rehomed alone. Mainly he just loves to be with people.
Wolf needs a lot of love and assurance for him to respond and regain his trust in humans but once you have his love you will have a friend for ever.
A very big thank you to www.philsonphotography.com for the photos
Contact jhb@pets.org.za to adopt wolf


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