Very urgent! Help gift and Marie stay together

Extremely urgent

True love is…. Marie and Gift ❤️

Gift and Marie are 2 female dogs rescued in orange farm township. They have spent around 6 months in a cage in our halfway house together and have formed and incredible bond. Marie (Sharpei cross) is only a year or 2 years old and Gift is around 5/6 years old. Gift has been very depressed in our camp in the township and is only happy when Marie is around. Marie has luckily been offered a foster home but we can’t find it in our hearts to seperate the 2 as we know gift won’t survive the camp without her best friend.

We are trying our luck and urgently looking for a foster/ forever home that can take either just gift (at least she won’t be alone in the camp) or gift and Marie together. Gift is not good with all dogs, she will do well with calmer dogs and not in a large pack. They have not been tested with cats.

The 2 of them came for our Valentine’s Day yesterday. As they arrived they went crazy running around the garden barking and jumping and loving the space. This morning gift was supposed to be returning to the camp where she is miserable. When we put her in the car she immediately became depressed, Marie was going crazy trying to jump in the car with her and then tried to chase the car when she left. We were all in tears and decided to give these 2 a chance together so we reunited them and there were lots of kisses and smiles despite being apart for all of 5 minutes.

Marie was supposed to go to her foster home tomorrow as the temporary foster home can only keep them one more night. We literally have one day to make a plan for these 2. Please help us network their story and try find them a miracle.

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