Taffy – a broken soul in desperate need of a loving home

You have to wonder what this beautiful girl has endured in her short life. She is pretty, intelligent and loves to play with the other dogs, especially tug of war and chasing each other around the garden.

But she is so frightened of humans. Its evident in her short life she experienced severe abuse at one stage or another and she is petrified of loud noises, loud voices, sudden movement, small children, the lead and the car.

She needs a quiet and stable home with someone who is patient and kind and who will be excited and encouraging with every baby step that she accomplishes. She also needs to find a home with someone who works from home and is at home most of the day.

When Taffy first arrived at her foster home, she found a small place in the far corner of the garden to hide, where she curled up in a little ball and just stayed there for the better part of the day. She wouldn’t make eye contact and if you tried touch her she will just freeze. But she never showed any aggression.

With patience and kindness and taking it slowly she slowly began to come out of her shell. Its taken her a good 2 weeks to adjust in her foster home but she is finally happy and settled.

The same will happen when she goes to her new home, as she is petrified of changes in her environment and new people but with patience, understanding and a lot of TLC she will become just as comfortable as she is in her foster home now. It just takes her a week or 2.

When she does start to trust you, it is the most rewarding feeling in the world. She is playful and loves being cuddled and dances on her back feet when you get home, it is very rewarding for us to see and experience. You can then see how grateful she is for the love she is getting. The world has been so cruel to her, she has to have someone teach her how to be a puppy again – and she’s getting there smile emoticon
She needs to go to a very patient family with other social dogs (as the bonding with other dogs and seeing them relaxed and happy helps her to come out of her shell) and no children. She also needs an extremely secure home.

Please can someone give this broken soul the loving home she deserves. Email jhb@pets.org.za to apply


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