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Many dogs in the township do not have adequate shelter or any shelter at all. Some shelters can even be dangerous for them and we have had a few cases where make shift shelters fall on the dogs and injure them. 

We have employed some local people in the township to make kennels for us. It costs R450 per kennel, once it has been made we distribute to dogs in need. Every dog that gets a kennel is sterilised as well.

To donate a kennel please donate to : 

Account name: PETS
Account number: 277408695
Standard bank
Branch: Helderberg
Branch code: 033012
PLEASE SEND PROOF OF PAYMENT to jhb@pets.org.za so we can allocate the funds accordingly.

If you have a spare kennel to donate that is in a decent condition we can arrange to collect that from you and redistribute. Please email jhb@pets.org.za with a photo of the kennel and your contact details.

This is a mother and her babies who were living under a car canopy amoungst rubbish. They were so happy to receive a kennel that had been donated by one of our supporters.

mommy and kennel


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