Shandy’s heartbreaking story

A year ago I was adopted. It was the happiest day of my life.
I thought it would be forever, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Every update my parents sent- said I was a dream to have. So special, loving and such a good protector.

Then out of the blue last week the ladies who rescued me received an email saying my owners no longer wanted me. After killing the cat when I was younger (I didn’t know any better) they had separated me and now I had become troublesome, running up and down the fence all day barking at the neighbours dogs. It was only source of entertainment as I was separated, alone and frustrated. The Behaviourist that has assessed me has said that is normal behaviour for a dog with no stimulation and that I am not a bad dog.

So on Saturday I was removed from the only family I had ever known. I didn’t understand what was happening or why. I was taken to kennels where I now stay, alone at night all by myself.

My friends are gone. My family are gone. I’m here all alone in this strange environment. And I don’t understand why. My family who I love very much have not even asked about me. Did they really care at all?

I sit here day after day. In the morning I’m brought my breakfast by a stranger. And then I have the rest of the day to just sit and wonder. Why have they done this? When am
I going home? Will anyone come see me today? Each morning before I open my eyes I pray today will be the day I get to leave and go to a nice warm home.

As the day rolls by people get busy at work and they forget about me. I always hear people saying they don’t have enough time but when you all alone with nothing to do like I am; the day really goes by slowly.

And then the same man who gave me breakfast reappears for supper. And i know that means another days gone by and no ones coming. I go to bed with one wish – that tomorrow will be different and il get to leave.

When the PETS ladies come they shower me with love and I get so excited that they haven’t forgotten about me. I hug them, burying my head in their lap, and trying to offer them some comfort as they cry, apologizing for failing me and putting me through all this. I know they really care.

Right now all I wish for is a warm place to stay until I finally find a family to belong to. A warm bed to sleep at night and a loving touch to comfort me. My heart is broken. I can’t understand where my family is. Will they come fetch me tomorrow? Why am I all alone? What did I do wrong?

I’m a good boy and all I want is my own human to love and protect. I’m great with other dogs who are medium size to and friendly and not dominant.

I’m a young boy, just over a year old and all I want to do is play. I sit for my food and walk well on a leash. Please won’t someone let me crash on their couch for a while? It’s getting so cold out here and I don’t like sleeping alone in the dark.

If you can offer me a foster or forever home please contact the ladies at PETS urgently. I don’t want to spend another night alone.
Please help me.


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