Savannah’s leg saved!

Update on Savannah

Savannah was brought in on New Year’s Eve after a child broke her leg. Thank goodness her leg could be fixed with specialist surgery. Our amazing supporters all pitched in and we raised enough for the R6000 operation. Savannah has been recovering well in foster care. She has been kept amused by some foster kittens looking for homes and she even went for a paddle in the pond (much to her foster moms dismay)! Yesterday her cast was removed and she has to be kept still for the next 10 days which she isn’t too happy about but it won’t be long till this gorgeous girl is up and running like she should be.

Savannah has a home waiting for her when she is better and until then she will be with her foster mom Kathy who has been looking after her so well.

Savannah before her op                                    Savannah recovering

savannah broken legSavannah recovering 


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