Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of March 2015

Solly is searching for that perfect home, please share and help him find it!

Solly is a very special dog to us. This gorgeous boy had a very difficult life in the township and came to us extremely scared of anything and everything. Solly was adopted to the most incredible home who rehabilitated him. He is now more confident and stable than ever before. Unfortunately Solly and another dog in the family were not getting along and this has caused multiple fights, the last one being very serious. After consulting a Behaviourist we all agreed that rehoming him would be best for his safety. He has been in foster care since then.

Solly has always been an extremely loving dog. He loves nothing better than tummy tickles and lying on your lap. He is excellent with other dogs but we feel he is more suited to a home with a female dog either his size or smaller. A small breed submissive male would also be a good match. He is also good with cats.

Solly has OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) which we think may have been a coping mechanism he used to deal with the stresses he endured during his puppyhood. He is currently on medication that works very well and he will need this for the rest of his life. He is a normal happy dog on it and we want him to stay that way, he hardly ever shows repetitive behaviours since he has been on it. The medication is around R120 per month.

Solly needs a secure yard as he has a history of jumping fences. We also want him to have a doggy friend as he loves to play and is very gentle and sweet. He needs a big yard or a home committed to exercising him every day as he is energetic. Solly is a great guard dog and will bark at people on the other side of a gate or fence if he can see them. He is toilet trained, well mannered and very loyal to his family. He is a really great companion to have.

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