Meli (meaning honey) is as sweet as her name suggests! We think Meli must have been left behind when her owners relocated or she might have got lost as we found her sitting outside our shelter in the township one sunny day. Meli obviously had nowhere to go as she sat outside our cages for more than a week before we realized that she needed our help and opened the door and let her in

Meli is a friendly little girl with a huge personality, she gets on with most dogs but doesnt like to share her food as she didnt have much in the township but may change when she realizes that each meal is not her last.

Meli is between 2 and 3 years old, she can be quiet when you want her to be but really enjoys playing and being busy and active, she doesnt want to get lost or left behind again so she always stays close and is attentive. Meli has unlimitless love to give to someone who will love her.


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