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Our special boy Rover has not had an easy life. When we found him in the township he had been slashed with a panga and had massive burn wounds all over his body (from hot water/acid). He was lying hopelessly in his kennel and had given up on life. Old scars under his fur showed us this wasn’t the first time he had been hurt and his owner admitted to us that his canine sister had been murdered by one of the neighbors! He surrendered Rover for his own safety.

Our amazing vet treated Rover and then he went into foster care where he learned how a dog should be treated. He had found hope again and was so grateful and loving to his foster family. Unfortunately Rover has had issues with the other male dog in his foster home as they are both quite dominant and it wasn’t working out. He then went into kennels where he injured himself trying to get out so he cannot go back. He is currently at our vet being treated for his wounds but he is ready to be discharged TODAY, and has nowhere to go.

Rover is an extremely loving dog who will make you feel like the most loved person in the world. He likes nothing better than to lie on the couch with his head or paw on someone’s lap. Rover likes to be the man of the house and is great with medium/ large female dogs or submissive male dogs who will let him be the boss. He loves to play with other dogs and is great with children. Unfortunately he is not good with small dogs or cats.

We estimate Rover to be around 3/4 years old and we think he is a Saint Bernard cross. He has the most magnificent coat and eyes that will melt your heart. He is so special in every way.

We have a few requirements for Rover to find the perfect home to suit his needs. His new home needs to have:
No cats or small dogs
Can have Medium/large female dogs or submissive males.
MUST have a large garden (he does not cope well in small spaces)
The most important is that Rover needs a home with high walls or otherwise walls with electric fencing that will deter him from jumping over.

If you can offer Rover a home suitable to his needs please contact


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