Diego is a gorgeous boerbull x Ridgeback that is roughly 4 years old.

Please share this, so we can help Diego find his own special place to call home.

Diego, is an incredibly loving dog and good watchdog. He is always the first one to go an investigate strange sounds. Diego is a strong boy so needs to be placed in an environment with a bigger dog/s around his age and size. However, he is very sociable, loves to play with humans and other dogs. He listens well and respects other dogs boundries. If they snap/growl at him to say “please stop trying to hump me” or “playtime is over” he respects that and immediately stops. Even although he should be with other dogs his own size – he helped to look after a 6 month old puppy for a week and took his role as a daddy very seriously. He has an extremely soft side and is very loyal and protective over the people that have his heart. He also doesn’t mind horses, tortises or rabbits and completely ignores them. He is scared of rats lol. But he doesn’t like cats.

Because of his sheer strengh he should not be homed to a family with young/small kids. He actually loves kids but he can easily knock them over.

He is the most amazing companion. If you are interested in adopting this special boy please email jhb@pets.org.za
Strict adoption rules and home checks apply! While he is a good gaurd dog we do not rehome rescues for gaurd dog purposes so please do not apply if that is your intention


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