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We have not been able to bring animals in for treatment for a while now because our vet bill is so high. But then 3 of our foster dogs became sick and our amazing vet would never send them away. We urgently need to raise funds for these special pups who don’t even have families yet.

Molly has been admitted for tests as her spleen is very swollen and she is anaemic and not digesting food properly. We are still waiting for a diagnosis as soon as the tests come back. Her Vet bill is already at R3000 so we urgently need some sponsors for her!

Kaizer was brought in in December with very bad Billary. He was treated and has been doing great since then but on Monday he had a relapse of Billary and had to be treated again. His bill came to R1500. Please sponsor this special boy

Bugsy is our special girl who was brought in in December after she had been used as a bait dog. She had tick bite fever and was treated for that amoungst other things. Bugsy had to go back to the vet for X-rays on her back legs as she wasn’t walking well. She has a bladder infection as well as what looks like the start of discospondylitis which is an infection in the vertebrae of her spine. The vet has taken cultures and sent that in to be tested to see exactly what is causing it so the right treatment is used. Bugsys bill will end up coming to around R4000 when everything has been done. This little girl has been through so much and she would really like to get better. Please help sponsor her treatment.

Email for our vets banking details

Thank you!


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