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UPDATE (27/02)
Please take a moment to read Daddy’s story and share and tag your fiends. He had an amazing pending home but sadly that has fallen through because he isn’t good with cats and now he has no where to go except back to our camp in the township where we have seen first hand how stressed he gets. He is loosing weight being there and cries for us when he sees us. He craves human companionship. The idea of him returning to the camp, alone in a small space is ripping our hearts out.

We are really going someone out there will help him.
We urgently need to find Daddy a foster or forever home.
He quite literally is a gentle giant but so many people tend to shy away from him because of his size even though he would lick you to death.
This poor boy came from a loving home in the township and had a sister called Snoopy and a brother called Rocky. His family named him Daddy because he looked after and protected his family like a farther figure would.

Sadly, someone in the township has it in for this family and poisoned Snoopy a month ago and sadly she died. Then 3 weeks ago Daddy was poisoned with 2 step but we got him to the vet in time and thankfully he survived. He then returned home and last week his brother Rocky was poisoned and didn’t make it. We couldn’t leave Daddy there and risk that next time we would be too late to save him so we had to bring him into our care.
We urgently need a foster or forever home for him as he is very stressed and depressed in our camp in the township and is craving companionship.

Today we brought him back with us as he had an amazing forever home lined up provided he was good with cats. So we tested him but unfortunately he isn’t :-(( he now has no where to go and the idea of him returning to the camp, alone in a small space where we have seen first hand how stressed he gets is ripping our hearts out.

He is great with other dogs (please don’t be put off by his size) and he adores people. When he sees you he jumps up to wrap his front paws around ur waist and give you a hug.
Daddy is very loyal to his family and still young at heart. He loves his food, loves to play with other dogs and loves the soccer ball.
Our heart is breaking seeing him in our camp as its not meant for long term stays. He cries when he sees us and he is extremely frustrated in the small space he has.

We really need someone to please open your heart and home to him. This boy has survived so much. When we first found him 2 years ago on the street he was emaciated and covered in wounds before his family offered to give him a home. They loved and cared for him but know his life is at stake if he remains there. He’s also had biliary twice and now survived being poisoned.

He is so so special to us and we believe he was saved each time for a reason. He needs either a home that is willing to foster or adopt him- one that has 1 or 2 sociable dogs or even no dogs is fine because he just craves being close to people.

Pls email if u can help


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