Bonnie & Clyde looking for a home

This stunning sibling duo, Bonnie & Clyde have been in foster care for months now with no one ever enquiring to adopt them. They are about a year old and must be rehomed together. Apart from being brother and sister they are the very best of friends who do everything together and are never far apart from one another. They have had to have each others backs their whole lives.
Clyde is an extrovert! Outgoing and always game for whatever’s going on. He loves playing soccer and trips to the park, rolling in the autumn leaves and paddling in dams and mud! He is also very good in the car. He looks like a little fox with this tiny face and fluffy mane. Bonnie is not as outgoing as her brother but she is extremely affectionate and loving. Both are great with other dogs and love to play. They are surrounded by 30 other dogs daily and so are used to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Please consider giving this little sibling pair the forever home they deserve they have so much love to give! Email


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