Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of October 2008

Gigi now Zigi
This precious boy’s name is Zigi. He’s about 8 years old. When we brought him in from the township- he was completely paralyzed and lay stiff as a board on his side, unable to move at all. But despite X-rays being done, no cause could be found for his sudden paralysis. Our vets then discovered he had cerebral biliary which affects his nervous system and brain and this is what was causing it. His meds he is on are working and he’s come such a long way now that he’s been in foster care.
This incredible boy continues to go from strength to strength. His foster mom says: He is doing super well! He can easily do my stairs now and trots happily in the park. Today he did nearly 3km! He’s almost ready to do the full walk! He answers to his name now and gets on the couch. He still has a drunken walk I think that’s permanent but he’s much stronger and even jogs a bit. I don’t think he will ever manage wooden floors though. He chooses to be inside now instead of the porch and he’s totally used to our routine. Such a sweet gentle soul! This old boy has the MOST amazing, gentle nature and has no trouble fitting in seamlessly into an environment with other animals as he is no bother at all.
This gentle old man WILL make a full recovery, although he will always have a it of a wonky walk. He is looking for a forever home where he can retire and live out the rest of his years being loved and basking in the sun. No hyper young pups or noisy kids please. He wants a quiet, relaxing environment.


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