Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Female

Chris Hani, Twiggy and Peta became homeless when their owner managed to escspe from her alcoholic, abusive husband with her 2 children, sadly having to leave her 3 dogs at the mercy of her husband. She was very terrified that her dogs would be abused and begged us to take them which we did and they are now safe at our camp in the township.

Twiggy is called Twiggy because she was so thin when she gave birth to her babies that we kept her for several weeks to help her to recover from their birth. Twiggy was then sterilized, her puppies were homed and she went back to the township where she has been until we fetched her with Peta and Chris Hani. She is very friendly and gets on well with people and other dogs.

Email or call 082 901 0763 if you can foster or would like to adopt her.


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