Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 15th of May 2018

Toby is a “dump dog” a dog that was found starving but surviving on the garbage in the townships, how he got there and managed to survive no one can explain as life on the “dumps” is dangerous, full of hazards, pain and suffering, he was possibly born there and left there by his Mom when her own survival became more important than her puppy’s

Today Toby has recovered from his harsh past life and has become a loving kind and gentle 1/2 years old boy who seems to have forgotten his miserable life on the “Dumps” and is eager to start his new life, a life   full of hope and happiness. Toby loves people and gets on well with other dogs, he hasn’t been tested with cats but will be if it’s necessary but we don’t anticipate that there will be a problem as he is a gentle boy

Toby really needs a “Break” all his life he has been chased away from everywhere he wanted to go and be and lived a dreary, lonely life of belonging to no-one and welcome nowhere, he is longing to be noticed and to have a home of his own if you are able to give Toby his special home please contact me.

Glenda Pickering

082 901 0763


Please note the above dog is a dog PETS are networking on behalf of our volunteer Glenda Pickering. We have covered all medical bills involved but Glenda is in charge of his homecheck and she will have the ultimate decision on his adoption.


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