Type Dog
Breed Collie/ shepherd cross
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of September 2016

Tiger was left by his owners without someone to care for him when his owners went on holiday, he was chained and without food, water and shelter when we were alerted to his plight by a neighbour, how long he had been suffering like this we don’t know but when we collected him he was very thin, weak and very, very sick with Billary, he was virtually lifeless when we put him into the back of the truck, Somehow Tiger survived once he had received the medical attention he needed at our clinic and today Tiger is a healthy young dog who loves life and people but above all other dogs, he is full of fun and wants to play all day with his friends, he is about 2 years old and is a very handsome boy, he hasn’t been tested with cats and children yet but will be if necessary.
Tiger is a friendly young dog that has had no love and care from humans in his past, he yearns to please and to be taught, he is very attentive and learns quickly , he wants to be” good “ and listens to everything that is said, he will do anything to get ones attention and just wants to be some ones “special boy” please help him if you can
Please phone or email Glenda
082 901 0763


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This post was written by Heidi Hannig


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