Type Dog
Breed gsd cross
Gender Male
Birthdate 18th of December 2014

A note from his foster mom:

When Shandy first arrived at our house as a puppy, tired and sick and looking terrible our family embraced him and as his skin healed so did his spirit. He emerged as a happy, playful and sweet natured puppy. The day he found a home we were so very happy for him and thought he had found his happily-ever-after.
Unfortunately it did not turn out like that and when he came back to us, now a grown boy, we were a bit nervous about the dog he had become growing up in what might not have been the ideal environment for him.
Well we need not have worried, Shandy is still our happy, playful and sweet guy. He just LOVES people and wants to play and snuggle all the time. He’s got loads of energy and enjoys chasing balls and bringing them back to you. He’s extremely intelligent and learns new commands very quickly, he is also alert and is always the first one to notice someone at the gate or something unusual. Shandy has been with all different types of dogs with us from tiny to his own size and has shown no aggression at all to anyone – he gets along well with anyone he meets. He can jump though so high walls would be a must for him.
Shandy loves going on walks and playing rough and tumble with other dogs. He is very well housetrained and has no food aggression. He really is the ideal big dog to take on runs with you in the park and have as a companion at home. Unfortunately he is not good with cats.

Anyone who adopts Shandy will be getting a real gem and he will give them many happy years.

Please email to adopt Shandy


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