Type Dog
Breed Small mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of March 2017

“Hi, my name is SHAKA! I used to have a home but my owner used me more as an alarm than anything else. I wasn’t loved, fed or given water regularly and it was a very sad life. I even had half my one ear cut off. But now I am rescued and I am the happiest little boy ever! I have quickly climbed into the hears of my foster parents because of my zest for life! I love to play and chase the ball and give lots of kisses and cuddles. I have tons of energy and running around at day care is my favourite. I get so excited when I see my foster parents that I literally jump into their arms (I am a secret and clumsy acrobat). I am a small boy and get along with all dogs, and am very agile and a bit clumsy. I just always want to play and make friends. I would really love to find my forever home, please adopt me!”
To apply to adopt Shaka email
NB! Must have the company of other dogs


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This post was written by Heidi Hannig


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