Rebecca and Solly

Type Dog
Breed Mix medium
Gender Female
Birthdate 27th of December 2013

This is now urgent. These furbabies have been waiting almost 2 years for forever homes they cannot stay in their foster home forever and as soon as they have found homes the foster home will be able to take on 2 more dogs who desperately need help.
Rebecca and Solly are our Romeo and Juliet Story. Both were rescued from bad situations in orange farm township around the same time in 2015. They were put in the same foster home but adopted into different homes. Unfortunately Solly and his large canine brother kept fighting and solly would get badly injured so he was brought back to us for his own protection. Around the same time, Rebecca was also returned as she kept attacking her canine sister as she wanted her mom’s attention all to herself. Both families were amazing and loved the dogs dearly, they tried everything to keep them but it was just not meant to be. So after 2 years of being apart, Rebecca and Solly landed in their original foster home, together again. They were so excited to have each other again and have formed a beautiful bond. We would love to find them a home together if possible.
The pair have a few requirements for their castle where they shall live happily ever after….
It must have very high walls (Solly is a jumper)
No cats (Rebecca likes to chase them)
No children under 8 years (Rebecca may get jealous, although she is very good with children outside her home).
They must be able to sleep inside (They are royalty after all)
They would like a home with no other doggys, although they do love other dogs we feel they would be happier in their own space together.
Space to play or parents who will take them out for walks regularly.
Both dogs are around 5 years old, sterilised, up to date with vaccinations and healthy.
Solly is a gentle but anxious dog, he cowers and looks sad in new situations, he takes a while to settle but when he’s comfortable he is the most amazing energetic and loving dog. He thrives on structure as this helps him with anxiety.
Rebecca is an outgoing and friendly girl who is a bit lazier than Solly but still loves a good playtime! She is very loyal and may get jealous at times so she needs an owner who will help her understand that she does not own them. It’s important to note that Rebecca and Solly are great together. They do not fight and love each other dearly.
To adopt this beautiful pair please email


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