Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of October 2010

Ranger is a boy EXTREMELY special to us. Why you may ask? Because he was the second dog we ever helped in the township since PETS JHB began 5 years ago. Every so often, we would go visit him to see how he’s doing, take him a Christmas box and for a few minutes give him the love he deserves. It didn’t matter how long we hadn’t seen him for- each time we went back he remembered us. An animal never forgets those who show them kindness. Each time we would go- our stomach would knot as we didn’t even know if he would still be alive. Last week we decided to go see him again. When we finally found him again- he was chained up behind the shack in a narrow ally. No water, bowls we had given crusted with mud, an empty petrol container lying in his kennel, blankets filthy. We broke down and cried. The lady at the house came out to see who this strange person was hugging this dog and sobbing uncontrollably. We found out from her his owner moved to Klerksdorp and left him behind and she couldn’t afford to feed him. His owner had never really cared for him. Merely keeping him so he would have a dog that would bark if an intruder came in. His whole life he has lived on a chain and been out of sight and out of mind. We asked her if we could have him and she agreed. We couldn’t get the chain off him so we took the entire collar off. He’s been chained for 5 years! He wasted no time in running straight to the car and climbing in. He’s safe now. Finally!
Ranger is such a loving and affectionate dog who is great with people and other dogs. He is so so happy to FINALLY be out of the township and can’t stop smiling. His smile is so big it reaches from ear to ear. Our only regret is it took us 5 years to get him. Ranger deserves an incredible family that will shower him with love and show him all the wonderful things life has to offer. He must sleep inside and must have another dog friend as a companion.


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