Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 10th of October 2018

Mouse (formerly Frisky) was rescued in June when he had severe trauma to his ears due to an ear infection left untreated 😰our amazing vet managed to sort his ears out and he has now healed beautifully. He has come a long way in fostercare and his foster mom has this to say about him:

This guy is magic. Sweet and gentle. Easygoing and playful. A quick learner that fits easily into a pack. Happy to play, go for a run in the park or just curl up in his basket – actually do anything if his humans are there too. Also has mannerisms that make us smile every day like his coy way of greeting you or lifting just one ear to hear better. He is the best side-kick!

Mouse is only around a year old, possibly younger. He is med/large mix breed with a heart of gold ❤️please consider giving this amazing boy a forever home.

To adopt please contact Glenda on 0829010763 or


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