Type Dog
Breed Medium mix
Gender Female
Birthdate 1st of January 2014

Molly was the only survivor of another unwanted litter. Even though she was the only survivor, she wasn’t wanted and loved a terrible life of abuse and neglect. At an early age she was left to fend for herself. PETS took in a broken little girl and with love and nurturing from her incredible foster mom she has blossomed into the magnificent dog she is today.

When Molly arrived in Foster care she was given good food and lots of care but after 6 weeks her ribs and spine were still showing. We found out she had a horrible Auto-Immune disease which she also overcame with treatment.
She’s playful, strong and ready to get involved with whatever is going on.

She is taking on German Shepherd characteristics and will be a great protector of you and your family. However, she never got to play as a young dog, so she really needs someone to play with now and a family who won’t use punishment to teach her new things. She’s still afraid a lot.

She is cat and dog friendly. She tends to grab your clothes as you walk and she jumps and sometimes uses her mouth to hold you, so she’s not suitable for a family with small kids.

To give Molly a loving home please email


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