Mini and cooper

Type Cat
Breed Mix
Gender Female
Birthdate 12th of July 2018

Mini & Cooper are still looking for a forever home. Both are formerly feral but are tame now although still very skittish of strangers. They are around 16 weeks now. Mini is the grey girl and Cooper is the tabby boy. Mini is a very confident girl and very affectionate once she trusts you. She is very vocal when it comes to food. She’s a typical little girl. Despite having tons of toys she gets the most joy from playing with hairbands, clips and necklaces. Cooper is more shy and very submissive. He is a typical boy who likes prowling around the house with his ball or sheep skin blanket in his mouth growling so no one must take his “prey” 😂
The both love to play and cuddle with you once they know you. When they are tired they still suckle and kneed on whatever soft blanket or gown is lying around. Cooper likes to share your pillow at night. Either sleeping above your head or under the blanket. Both are good with other cats. They don’t know dogs.
They need a home together.
No kids, as kids are too loud and overbearing for kittens who were once feral and can still be skittish.
Need a home where new owner is a home body, preferring to spend most evenings and weekends home who can spend time with them not someone who always goes out or who has a ton of people in and out.
They will need to be kept strictly inside for at least a month to adjust.
If you think you meet their homing criteria and would like to apply to adopt them please email
Adoption fees, rules and home checks apply


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