Type Dog
Breed Sharpei cross
Gender Female
Birthdate 1st of June 2014

Marie is a sweet and loyal companion who was thrown out by her owner in Orange farm township after she had puppies as she wasn’t “needed” anymore. All her puppies died except for 1 and Marie had lost all hope. In our halfway house in the township Marie made friends with Gift who she has an amazing bond with. Gift gave her the confidence she needed to carry on with life. Today, Marie is a happy, fun loving little girl who loves playing with other dogs and is excellent with all people as well as kids. She is unfortunatelt not good with cats. Gift has since found a home but marie is still waiting.

Marie is a Sharpei cross who is the size of a large Staffy. She is only around a year or 2 old. She is a very social and gets along with all dogs. She is a bit wary of people at first but with time learns to trust and becomes your best friend. She is so deserving of a loving home and we can’t wait for her to find her forever family. MUST HAVE OTHER DOGGY FRIENDS AND NO CATS.

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