Type Dog
Breed mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 8th of March 2013

Lex was found in April this year, tied up and left on a dumpsite to starve in orange farm, along with Lucy. He was extremely shy and just sat in the corner of the vet cage with his head hanging low, not making eye contact with anyone. It was heartbreaking to see. But after being in foster care for a few months he has become such a happy dog. He is still very shy & introverted around people he dosesn’t know and feels overwhelmed in large gatherings that he isnt familiar with. When this happens he prefers then to stick close to those he knows like his foster parents. But since being in foster care there has been such a huge improvement in his personality. He really enjoys a head and ear scratch,and even a tummy rub now. He has finaly also started being interested in the normal doggie things like exploring by himself and hunting lizzards with their scottie. He even tries to play a bit … but he is uninterested in toys as he doesn’t know what to do wtih them. He sits well and is very food driven and will basically do anything for food. He is also starting to get excited to meet new people when somebody comes over in his enviornment. He is really so adorable!
If you are interested in adopting him please contact Glenda via phone or email on:
082 901 0763
Strict adoption rules, home checks and a R600 adoption fee applies
Please note Lex is a dog PETS are networking on behalf of our volunteer Glenda Pickering. We have covered all medical bills involved but Glenda is in charge of his homecheck and she will have the ultimate decision on his adoption.


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