Type Dog
Breed Small Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 4th of September 2015

It’s been 4 weeks since the day we picked up little Larry from the middle island of the golden highway where he was unable to move. His leg was shattered and he had to have a leg amputation but that is all in the past. This sweet little boy is just blossoming in foster care and is looking for a FOREVER home who will love and adore him the rest of his life. Larry is such a special boy. The best word to describe this boy simply is….amazing!!! He is great with other dogs but little bit protective at times while he still adjusts to life on 3 legs. He loves playing with the ball but napping is his favorite. He is a fussy eater in that he still prefers scavenging for his food by knocking over the dustbin to find dinner but he eventually gives in to some dog food. He is extremely affectionate and NEEDS 24 hours of love per day. He also prefers sleeping in a bed with his owner than in a dog bed on the floor. He is very playful and kind hearted and becomes easily attached to anyone who shows love. And he especially adores being carried around. Please consider giving this boy a forever home. He is a small breed (about the size of a Jack Russell) and roughly a year and a half old.


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