Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of July 2016

This is Jeff. His story isn’t as tragic as many others but maybe the tragedy is just that. Because he doesn’t have a story to tell that tugs at people’s heart strings, he’s easily over looked.
Jeff’s original owner (who lives in orange farm, JHB) got him from a relative in KZN. After a week of having him he simply decided didn’t want a dog anymore. When we asked why don’t you want him his owners exact words were “Because, it’s having dog . I’m not used dog , I’m no long want to have dog “. We couldn’t risk Jeff being dumped, killed or falling into the hands of someone else who simply didn’t want him. So we took him on.
Jeff is a still a young dog who is very sweet and sociable with other dogs. In KZN he was with other dogs and is currently at our camp with other dogs while he waits for someone to give him a chance. We think he is between 1 – 2 yrs old.

If anyone can offer this boy a foster or forever home please email


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