Jamie and Frankie

Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Female
Birthdate 3rd of October 2019
Frankie and Jamie are an adorable bonded pair. Their personalities compliment each other to form a powerful little duo. Jamie (the brown mix breed) is a male and Frankie (the brindle sighthound x) is a female. They play beautifully together and are great at getting up to mischief together. They both love people, especially children, and are great with other dogs. They know how to play fetch and have recently learnt how to give you their paw (for a treat of course). Cuddling is a necessity to them, they love nothing more than getting a lot of love, attention and hugs. They are patient and gentle with children and adults alike. Everything is exciting for them, which makes life so much more enjoyable for us.
They thrive with routine, they know when it is dinner time and when its bed time. As they are still puppies they need a lot of attention and play-time.
Frankie is a little more independent than Jamie; Jamie is eager to please and follow instruction whereas Frankie needs a little more convincing. We are teaching them how to walk properly on leads; they are doing well. Off-lead they are well behaved and will come back to you when called.
Overall they are an absolute joy to have around, and will be an amazing addition to any family.

They have not been tested with cats.

To adopt please email

Glenda 082 901 0763


Please note the above dog is a dog PETS are networking on behalf of our volunteer Glenda Pickering. We have covered all medical bills involved but Glenda is in charge of his homecheck and she will have the ultimate decision on his adoption.


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