Type Dog
Breed large mix
Gender Female
Birthdate 13th of March 2010

Gift has lived a hard life in weilers farm township. Her teeth are worn and her canines broken, yet she is only around 6 years old. She has had many litters and when her owners were “done” with her- they threw her out like garbage.

We were worried that gift was limping so we had X-rays taken. She must have had her front paw broken at some point as it is skew but not causing her pain. Her back hip on the same side has a bit of arthritis from supporting the broken leg. Gift will need to be on joint support for her whole life to try prevent any pain later on. She is not in any pain at the moment and does not require medication.

Gift is great with other dogs when introduced properly. She is currently at a daycare around 30 dogs a day- of all sizes and she gets along great with all of them. She has not been tested with cats but we will arrange to test her if a potential home has cats.

Gift is not supposed to do too much because of her deformed front leg (even though it doesn’t hold her back). Being at a dog daycare is an issue as she moves around too much during the day. She needs a calmer environment where she can relax all day and just enjoy being pampered.

Gift is an extremely loving dog. She loves affection and human contact, She even gives real “hugs”. She is great with children as well.

If you can offer gift a loving home please email


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