Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 8th of June 2013


George is a special dog gentle, kind and loving which is surprising considering where he spent most of his miserable life prior to being rescued, we found George tied up at the side of a shack without food, water or shelter in Orange Farm, he was very sick and very unhappy, his owner didn’t want him anymore and he knew it, they asked us to take him so we took him to our clinic where he was able to recover and become the happy carefree dog he is today
George loves life he is good with all dogs large and small and simply adores people and children, he hasn’t been tested with cats but will be if necessary. He loves running and being active and having doggie friends but can sit quietly in a corner when told, he likes his own “place” whether it is a kennel or a bed he never changes his “place” but will share it with other dogs when asked as he loves company, he enjoys having his head stroked and will return again and again to see if he can get a little more attention but isn’t demanding just sweet, he listens attentively and wants to learn and please all the time, he fits in with a pack of dogs or is happy on his own he really is a very special dog and is no trouble at all, he would fit into any family or be happy on his own, please if you are looking for a dog that demands very little and will fit in with everything George is the dog

If you are interested in adopting George,please email


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