Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 7th of June 2017

Are you looking for a special special dog to adopt?
The Donald is a classic example of love after death: He was discovered unable to walk, suffering from severe tick byte fever where he needed an emergency blood transfusion and a punctured stomach wall. After surgery he lived on intravenous fluids for 14 days, too weak to lift his head. He is still gaining weight slowly. He had lost all trust and he flinched at the slightest noise. Then a human touched him without hurting him, encouraged him to stand up. Painful as it was he responded as only a dog would, wagging a tail, licking a hand. Still uncertain yet cautiously he started eating solids, started playing a little, eventually bubbling into a lively bouncy barking happy dog. He follows anyone who will love him, still somewhat food-oriented but will exchange cuddles for food bits and even learning a few tricks such as down and sit. I think paw is just a nibble away. ‼️
Donald is a happy and generally easy going guy but will still need a home where his family understand his past and are patient with him. He can become scared of new people.

To adopt Donald please email Jnb south


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