Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Female
Birthdate 5th of January 2017

We knew Cherry when she was a puppy and called her Cherry because she had a “cherry eye” (which is a defect in the eye,) she had an operation and the problem was solved and baby Cherry went home, a year and a half later Cherry was abandoned and had nowhere to go, we were alerted to her plight and went to help her

Cherry is a sweet 2 year old dog and is good with other dogs, humans and children, she is loving and forgiving having forgotten that her owners left her behind and the sorrow she must have felt to have known that she was not wanted, she is strong and confident and wants to please and to be a “good dog” she is eager to learn and responds quickly, Cherry desperately want to find her new home, a home where she won’t be left behind if her owners move a “forever home,” if you can give Cherry that special home please contact
082 901 0763

Adoption rules & home checks apply


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