Bonnie and Clyde

Type Cat
Breed Dms
Gender Female
Birthdate 16th of February 2019

Bonnie( female black and white tuxedo )- She is extremely curious and inquisitive about new things. She loves to play games in the garden and is always eager to show off her skills with her toys. She loves to snuggle up at night and enjoys cuddle time with her brother. During the enjoys exploring the garden or practicing her climbing skills ( which she’ll tell you all about if you ask). She is very chatty and loves telling you all about her day. She loves to sit on the couch and watch TV with her owners.

Clyde ( male ginger) This gentle prince loves attention and is happy if he can find a lap to nap on for the day. He loves to cuddle and is eager to show you how much he loves you any chance he gets. He is extremely loyal and once he has bonded with you he becomes a second shadow, always curious to see what you’re up to or if he can come with.

They get along with children and used to small dogs. They are used to a lot of different noises and meeting new people.

The kittens need to be homed together as they are inseparable. They love to cuddle up together in the sun or chase one another around the garden.

Because they’ve spent their lives together they are happy to keep one another entertained.

Please phone Kathy 081 584 3064 or email


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