Type Dog
Breed Gsd cross
Gender Male
Birthdate 18th of November 2016

Bekker is a gorgeous GSD cross who was abandoned in the township when he was very young and survived somehow by eating from garbage dumps and begging for “handouts” from compassionate people, he wasn’t wanted and he knew it, his whole body showed his fear of being hurt and neglected he was in fact a very sorry boy when we found him but with help he has become confident, is no longer afraid and has blossomed into a magnificent dog, he is good with other dogs, humans and children and is a happy cheerful boy.

Bekker is loyal and trustworthy, wanting to “belong” and to have a family and home to call his own, as he was on the streets for so long he is extremely “street wise” he knows how to look after himself but wants so desperately to be able to enjoy a normal happy family life where he can relax, forget his previous hardships and enjoy love and be safe from the dangers he knew for so long, if you can give Bekker that special home please contact
082 901 0763
Adoption rules & home checks apply


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