Type Dog
Breed Mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 2nd of June 2016

We have never received a single Enquiry to adopt Barney 😢 please share this boy has gone through so much
Hard to believe this is the same boy, Barney, from April who was tied up and burnt with boiling water, before being rescued. Animals are truly remarkable creatures and never cease to amaze us. When we first got him he was petrified of people. Now he can’t get enough of being loved and cuddled and will demand attention even nibbling on you to get you to notice him. He is good with other dogs of medium size and loves to play! He would be best suited to a medium size, female companion. He shouldn’t be with any cats, birds or small dogs as he has a high prey drive.
It is truly astounding to observe how forgiving a dog is. They live in the moment and don’t hold grudges. Even though this boy suffered extreme abuse he just wants to be loved by anyone who will show him attention. He has the most expressive face and is so eager to please and learns quickly. He’s approximately 2 years old. Please can everyone share so he can find his forever home. Email if you are interested in adopting


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