Type Dog
Breed mix
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of January 2015

On the 17th December, we received an urgent call from a lady in the township who is absolutely distraught. Her dog went missing a month ago and today managed to make it’s way back home, but completely burnt- the vets suspect with hot oil. Coupled with his burn wounds he has TVT (a sexually transmitted cancer common to township dogs who are not sterilized) as well as ehrlichia (resulting from ticks and affects the liver).
This boy had suffered unspeakable pain, he had lost all hope in humanity and was terrified of everyone. A month later- we are pleased to report Bailey is doing really well. His full body bandage is off and his wounds are almost completely healed, although he will always have the scars. He is MUCH happpier and has learnt that people aren’t all bad, he is very loving and learning to trust even after all he has been through. Bailey is now sterilised and after 4 chemotherapy treatments he is cured of his cancer. Bailey is a placid boy who is good with other dogs and kids but not fond of cats. To adopt Bailey email


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