Type Dog
Breed Bruno
Gender Male
Birthdate 1st of September 2011

Looking for his forever home and people!!!!

Abbie is a beautiful “golden oldie” that has had a miserable life in the townships, suffering from neglect, lack of attention and human contact, chained to a spike behind a shack without adequate shelter, food and water and totally ignored his whole life. He was given to us because his owner no longer wanted him, he had got a new dog and Abbie was considered to be too old and no longer useful as a “ watch dog ,” he was in a very bad condition with an open wound on his cheek and mange, we were told to put him to sleep.I

Abbie is about 7 years old and has now found a new life off his chain, he is full of fun and is very active pleading for the love and attention he missed all those years, he is good with other dogs, people and children and will be tested with cats if necessary, he is yearning to have a place to stay that he can call “home” and wants to spend his final years surrounded by love and affection, if you have a space for Abbie you will not regret giving him a second chance at life he will repay you with unbelievable loyalty and gratitude that only Abbie knows how to give.

Please note Abbie is a dog PETS are networking on behalf of our volunteer Glenda Pickering. We have covered all medical bills involved but Glenda is in charge of his homecheck and she will have the ultimate decision on his adoption.

If you are able to offer Abbie his forever home please phone or email Glenda 082 901 0763/


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